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About IBSAA | IBS History

OUR NEXT MEETING: Thursday, May 10th, @ 8:00pm
TELECONFERENCE: Please Call (712)432-4908 (room 13)
***FIRST TIME CALLERS*** "You may need to listen to the initial greeting
in the conference system before you proceed to the live rooms.  After your
first call into the system, you can press the "#" key to bypass the message."

Our purpose is to engage in activities which assist Iowa Braille in providing quality education and social services to it's students and parents. One of our goals is to assist in the preservation of Iowa Braille's history.
Please consider donating to our organization.  There are a few easy ways to do this.  First, we have our Schwan's Fundraiser; which is detailed on our home page.  If you shop with Amazon, you can use Amazon Smile as an alternative, to contribute.  You can also contact Dawn Lester, for further information.
Open Meetings:

Our meetings are conducted via teleconference to discuss these matters; and are open to the public. Please feel free to attend. First time callers will need to listen to the initial greeting in it's entirity; repeat callers can bypass this message by pressing any key. Then, from the main menu, press 1 to get to the live rooms. Each meeting's time & location is located at the top of this page.

The Meeting Agenda

Please be aware, that all meetings are conducted with an agenda. It's important that we follow each agenda to the letter. If you need something added, please contact Perry Lester as soon as possible, as we may not be able to cover something that hasn't been scheduled in the agenda. All members are encouraged to participate in meetings (including the assigned agenda). Guests will be invited to participate as well, before the close of each meeting. Anyone may submit items for the agenda.

We would be glad to have you become a member of IBSAA. Annual membership is currently available for $10/yr. If you are interested, please click the "Buy Now" button below to submit your membership. There will be a $1 service fee for submitting your membership through PayPal. If you have questions about this, or other membership questions, please contact Dawn Lester for more information.

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